Typical issues & fixes for Paslode

Are you having Paslode nail gun issues? Is your Paslode IM350 not firing? As an Authorized Paslode Solution and Repair Work Centre, we’ve fixed everything!

We asked our service professionals to list one of the most common Paslode problems that they fix here at Kelvin Power Devices. They describe the possible reasons for each problem, just how you can repair your nailer and also just how to avoid issues from occurring.

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Paslode Nail Gun Problems & Causes
Paslode nail guns are incredibly durable and also made to hold up against tough working conditions. However, like any kind of power tool, they can still experience issues. These are one of the most usual Paslode troubles we see.

The nail gun isn’t shooting or is shooting intermittently.
Misfiring is the most typical repair that we conduct. Feasible causes for a Paslode nail gun not firing are:

A nail jam is stopping the nails from moving forward
The gas fuel cell is vacant, out-of-date or not affixed correctly
The wrong type of Paslode nails are being utilized
Non-compatible nails, gas, and so on are being made use of
The nailer requires cleaned up– especially if it has actually been made use of a whole lot without normal cleansing!
The light on the handle of the nail weapon is blinking red and environment-friendly.
This shows that there’s a trouble with the nailer. Possible causes for this are:

A problem with the electric motor– in our experience, this is the most typical reason
An electric mistake, e.g. a problem with the circuit board or a loosened circuitry link
The nail weapon is making a weird noise.
Feasible causes for this are:

A trouble with the motor
A trouble with the fan, e.g. it’s striking against something inside the tool
The nailer needs cleansed
The nail gun’s shooting pin is curved.
Feasible causes for this are:

The nailer has been gone down
The wrong type of Paslode nails are being used
General damage
The o-rings around the nail gun’s shooting pin are broken.
Feasible reasons for this are:

General wear and tear
The o-rings have actually previously been eliminated and not put back appropriately
The nail gun’s battery calls are damaged.
Feasible reasons for this are:

The contacts have been bent, e.g. from putting and also removing the battery
The get in touches with are covered in dust or dust
The get in touches with are suffering from corrosion, e.g. from water damage
Non-compatible batteries are being used
How to Fix Your Paslode Troubles
You’ll have gotten an individual handbook with your Paslode which consists of repairing information. Check out it and also see if a service is offered your trouble. The remedies given are for more small concerns, like just how to get rid of a nail jam.
For more serious issues, like if your IM350 is misfiring, Paslode recommends that you get your nail gun fixed at an Approved Service Centre.
Paslodes can likewise experience problems when they’re made use of with other brand name’s (including phonies) batteries, nails, gas, etc. As Paslode haven’t evaluated these third party products, they can not claim whether they’re compatible and even secure to utilize with their tools. That’s why they advise that you utilize official Paslode devices and also consumables. This makes certain 100% compatibility and stays clear of jeopardizing your nailer’s efficiency and warranty.

You must likewise make sure you’re using the right Paslode devices and consumables for your specific nail gun version. Each maker works with particular types of nails, gas, etc. For instance, the IM65 can just be used with straight brad nails.

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